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Adoption Name: Henry

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dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption
dachshund for adoption


Description and Additional Information:

Henry is a four-year old red smooth coat, that has a touch of dapple on him. He is around twenty pounds and has one striking blue eye, and a brown one. He is sweet natured and has a very laid back personality. He loves children, and wants to play and cuddle with them. We are looking for a younger family with children six years and up. Henry has to have another companion dog similar in size and age, a fenced-in yard, and a ranch home (His legs are too short, and his back is too long for stairs). A fenced-in yard is required. We only adopt in Ohio. Go to our website at www.dachshundrescueofohio.org (or .com) to fill out an application. The application can be completed online through the site and is automatically emailed to us. Thank you.

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