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Dachshund wearing his harness

dachshund wearing harness

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, rescuing Dachshunds for over 25 years, and serve Ohio.  All of our dogs are in private foster care and we are not a shelter/kennel -- there is not a facility to visit.  All available dogs have been evaluated, vetted,  spayed or neutered prior to adoption, and any known behavioral issues are disclosed to adopters.


We require a secure, physically fenced-in yard, a veterinary reference and home visit as part of the adoption process, and arrange for a meeting with adoption candidates prior to finalizing the adoption.   Adoption fees range from $150 to $375, based upon age of the dog, and include a new-owner starter kit that provides heartworm and flea prevention, a HUG-a-DOG© harness and leash. 


Our goal is to successfully place our pets in loving, forever homes.  We do not guarantee adoption to anyone.  Often, dogs that come into rescue have been abandoned or thrown away due to no fault of their own, and we want them to have positive, happy futures.   We approach our adoption process in a rigorous fashion and screen potential adopters to that end.

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